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Currently a Godzilla sized risk is coming over the hill, and that is the end of extended support for MS SQL Server 2012

All Microsoft products have an ‘End of Life’ and this refers to the date where a specific version of software is at the end of its useful life, and Microsoft will have ceased selling or developing it any further.  The End of Life date is often 5 years from release date.

You Need To Act and Fast

Extended Support

Typically following on from the product End of Life, Microsoft then offer an additional 5 years of Extended Support. 

During which time Microsoft continues to provide security and reliability updates, and bug fixes, but non-security updates are not provided, unless an additionally fee is paid and a support agreement is put in place.

In short, this means that if your business still has MS SQL Server 2012 as a database server, your time is running out!

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Make-IT Happen are a team of Enterprise O/S, Application & Data Thought Leaders, Subject Matter Experts, Analysts and Specialists, passionate about Migrations, Transformations and BAU.

Our unparalleled experience, breadth of knowledge and solutions are what differentiates us from the competition and ensures successful outcomes and maximises ROI.

What If I Don't Act Now

When you are no longer receiving Extended Support, you will no longer be receiving

security updates, leaving your SQL Server 2012 Systems massively exposed and vulnerable to threats.


Over 95% Of UK Businesses in the U.K. now have “some form of digital exposure,” negating their defences.

1 (1)

Non-Compliancy to Microsoft products can lead to an immediate and dramatic loss of valuable data and online assets.

1 (2)

2.5 X increase in the number of data breaches above the previous year, owing to unauthorised access.

1 (3)

Your systems, data and company files are vulnerable to attacks and other malicious software available to hackers online.

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Make IT Happen have been instrumental in helping us maintain all our digital assets and data secure whilst supporting our team and providing valuable guidance and advice throughout the process of migration. 

Kayla Herny
Creative Director at CFM Group

We engaged with Make IT Happen for the Rolls-Royce Next Generation Windows 10 Migration in 2017. Their incredibly detailed analysis helped us to reduce our Application Portfolio from over 26k Apps down to just over 1,000.

Gareth Terry
Head of Migration at Rolls Royce

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